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(17 March 2010):


Dr. Djimé Adoum, an Advisor with Caring for Kaela (CFK), was appointed by President Idriss Déby Itno, Chad, on March 12th, 2010, as Technical Advisor in Charge of Rural Development to the President...Read more

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CFK is a Christian organization created to raise children out of poverty by strengthening individuals with the skills needed to become the solution to their own problems. We build the foundation for peaceful and productive societies in Chad by promoting good governance and self-sustained, people centered approaches to development.


As a demonstration of God's unconditional love for all people we serve the poor and downtrodden regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender.

Child Soldiers

Human Rights groups press Obama on Child Soldiers decision

By Josh Rogin, November 5, 2010 (Picture courtesy of Foreign Policy The Cable)

FOREIGN POLICY (Washington, DC): Twenty-nine leading human rights organizations wrote to President Obama on Friday to express their disappointment with his decision last week to waive sanctions against four countries the State Department has identified as using child soldiers...Read more

July-August 2010: CFK completes a Technical Assessment of the “Centre Espoir de Koundoul pour l’Enfance”

Co-funded by the Chadian Ministry of Education and Caring for Kaela, CFK completed a technical evaluation of Chad's oldest Psycho-social Rehabilitation Center ("Le Centre Espoir de Koundoul pour l'Enfance" - CENEKE). In collaboration with the Ministry of Social Action, the evaluation Team, composed of CFK’s Executive Director, an international Engineer, local experts and three local CFK staff, completed a three pronged technical assessment.

The Team (1) measured the parameters of the property and determined land-ownership; (2) assessed the structural soundness of the 15 buildings currently vacant; and (3) compiled socio-economic data on the city and inhabitants of Koundoul as well as information on the management dynamics that led to the Center’s closure in 2007. The final report established the cost of rehabilitating the structures already in place and re-opening the program.

Individual-level Initiatives: Education to Employment

August 2010: Micro-credits for At-risk Youths

To test a new socio-economic reinsertion strategy in Chad, CFK began providing micro-loans to at-risk youths who received job training while residing in a group home.

Arni lived on the streets for many years before the case workers of the Bethesda Center convinced him to return home. With psycho-social support and multiple family meetings, Arnie was successfully re-integrated.

Arni decided he wanted to go to a better school this fall but couldn’t afford the costly fees. With training from CFK, he was able to elaborate a successful business plan and get a loan to begin selling candy on the side of the street. Using the training he received in carpentry, Arni built himself a table to start his business.

CFK receives the "Shining World Compassion Award"


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“We the People of Chad: affirm by this present Constitution, our desire to live together in the spirit of respect for ethnic, religious, regional and cultural diversity; to build a State governed by the rule of law and a united Nation based on civil liberties and fundamental human rights, on the dignity of the individual and political pluralism; and on the African values of solidarity and fraternity.”

Translated from an excerpt of the Constitution of the Republic of Chad (1996)


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